Commit 6fad1d3e authored by Usama Arif's avatar Usama Arif Committed by jimqui01
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tc0/pl011: Do not subscribe to power domain notification for pl011

The SYSTOP power domain is already ON in RAM firmware, therefore
do not wait for notification.

Change-Id: I9b2dc28fa2736169ce9f2dcec2e5986e5a994da5
Signed-off-by: default avatarUsama Arif <>
parent ed14044d
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......@@ -25,9 +25,7 @@ const struct fwk_module_config config_pl011 = {
.baud_rate_bps = 115200,
.clock_rate_hz = 24 * FWK_MHZ,
.clock_id = FWK_ID_NONE_INIT,
.pd_id = FWK_ID_NONE_INIT,
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