1. 23 Jun, 2022 7 commits
  2. 25 Apr, 2022 1 commit
    • Werner Lewis's avatar
      Morello: Fix mallocng mmap double slot logic · 4111f17d
      Werner Lewis authored
      GRP_SIZE in Morello is two UNITs, which causes existing logic to fail
      when allocating two slots in a page with zero remainder, as the slot
      and header exceed half the page size. This is modified to allow for
      this case to be correctly supported.
      Change-Id: I4a10f1bc1213bf2b555381ee052bb006c5bf442d
  3. 14 Apr, 2022 2 commits
  4. 13 Apr, 2022 18 commits
    • Werner Lewis's avatar
      Morello: Fix mallocng · 0f325712
      Werner Lewis authored
       - Fix size_classes for Morello
       - Fix size_to_class for Morello
      In mallocng, size classes are selected to minimize the remainder in a
      page, with every fourth having zero remainder for allocation of a group
      with one slot. For Morello, the size of the group header is doubled,
      causing the size classes to be misaligned with page boundaries, causing
      errors where alignment is assumed.
      Size classes are adjusted to realign with page boundaries, and a check
      added to prevent out-of-slot offsets.
      Conversion of malloc length to size class is fixed to account for the
      increased group header size for Morello.
      Change-Id: Id22d66d78d3c027f539327fe4b34b980a0ea3da8
    • Tudor Cretu's avatar
      Morello: Fix stpncpy · 37eda9db
      Tudor Cretu authored
      Change-Id: I8302b6e363ae8001cc4966f337e00cb41051c206
    • Tamas Petz's avatar
      Morello: Add more pthread_cancel tests · 4d2f2c61
      Tamas Petz authored
      These tests now check the following cases:
        1. Async cancellation when a thread is not at a
           cancellation point at the time of a cancel.
        2. Async cancellation when a thread is at a
           cancellation point at the time of a cancel.
        3. Deferred cancellation when a thread is not at a
           cancellation point at the time of a cancel.
        4. Deferred cancellation when a thread is at a
           cancellation point at the time of a cancel.
        5. Async cancellation when cancellation is disabled.
        6. Deferred cancellation when cancellation is disabled.
        7. [extension] Async cancellation with cancellation
        8. [extension] Deferred cancellation with cancellation
      Change-Id: I93cfd6dd8559a4bae12909b52c1b962c66db250e
    • Yury Khrustalev's avatar
      Morello: Remove flaky mark from most of the tests · 1d7df6fe
      Yury Khrustalev authored
      Change-Id: Ifc390b9249263fd5a8aec079cc62a00c0017e8ec
    • Tamas Petz's avatar
      Morello: Fixup change Make printf() work for generic CHERI · 86cf8765
      Tamas Petz authored
      That change introduced a bug when printing permissions
      of capabilitites. Found by manual code inspection.
      Change-Id: I45eeed37b06275af52191755684be1dbc89bd551
    • Tamas Petz's avatar
      Morello: Build libshim with debug if --enable-debug is set · 5097699d
      Tamas Petz authored
      Change-Id: Iee562eac71c6c8aabb3e352d5c81ab5b9e760c6d
    • Tudor Cretu's avatar
      Morello: Fix memmove for Morello · ed75f078
      Tudor Cretu authored
      The change allows memmove to copy capability tags
      for every 16-byte aligned address.
      Change-Id: I5ed5c4303db9bdf8f2572dc425f0092d6462fc6b
    • Werner Lewis's avatar
      Morello: Disable SA_RESTORER for Morello · cb7ba461
      Werner Lewis authored
      Change-Id: I50b31806cbb7b7927f769fb09e3c957976b9c1eb
    • Yury Khrustalev's avatar
      Morello: Set DDC to null when libshim is used. · 686a42c2
      Yury Khrustalev authored
      Change-Id: Ieeaecc79add6ae821fdd280daecf63ac46a430ed
    • Jack Bond-Preston's avatar
      Morello: Improve portability of tests between Morello platforms · b37c2fd8
      Jack Bond-Preston authored
      Ensure these tests pass on Morello model (while still testing the
      required functionality).
      Change-Id: I7ea32875235221770a1a9e0a34d0aa6c62e0d448
    • Werner Lewis's avatar
      Morello: Use start capability for fini_array accesses · fc8f9f68
      Werner Lewis authored
      Change-Id: Id8400143db475a2dc2493ccf5d11b1b26e7031dc
    • Tudor Cretu's avatar
      Morello: Fix out of bounds access in mbsrtowcs · 993c9cd5
      Tudor Cretu authored
      Previously, the bitwise operations would detect the null character at
      the end of the string by reading the next 4 chars, even if they were
      out of bounds. This is not allowed in Morello, so a bounds check is
      added before the access. If the next 4 chars access would cross the
      limit of the capability, the algorithm resumes to handling each char
      Change-Id: I305b219f9e9e7b9616cb66cb36425b6e4e84f887
    • Werner Lewis's avatar
      Morello: Add various filestream, exit tests · 78ec8354
      Werner Lewis authored
      Change-Id: I0acff14e3a72b1a1e72f74e1692574608220b87c
    • Yury Khrustalev's avatar
      Morello: Remove MORELLO define · 5c393252
      Yury Khrustalev authored
       - This define is replaced by the compiler macro __CHERI_PURE_CAPABILITY__.
       - This patch also removes inconsistently implemented macro
       - Remove morello_init_array and morello_fini_array symbols.
      Change-Id: I910b2fd364785dc0eb7ea0179d01c49b703c3522
    • Murray Steele's avatar
      Morello: Prepare for shared library support · 9d019002
      Murray Steele authored
       - Enable selected dynamic library tests for use in libc-test.
       - Prefer -print-libgcc-file-name to -print-file-name in configure
       - Make existing dynamic linker code capability-friendly
       - Enable LDSO objects for Morello
      Change-Id: Ie8c9ca3dff11e3262e8fbbf6c14270302568258f
    • Werner Lewis's avatar
      Morello: Use Morello memcpy/memset from AOR · 026d547e
      Werner Lewis authored
      Change-Id: I024ef260039fd4f1c71207c02bc0648c3f650121
    • Werner Lewis's avatar
      Avoid modifying input in basename/dirname · cb7971b3
      Werner Lewis authored
      Change-Id: Ib0b5f562807655417b26dd84336ce4fb75f6719f
    • Jack Bond-Preston's avatar
      Add tests for various functions · fec671be
      Jack Bond-Preston authored
      Change-Id: Ia3abd285ac667f075c641f72009c97687cec04bd
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