Commit 68c2d298 authored by Amro Hassaan's avatar Amro Hassaan
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Merge branch 'fix_another_typo_in_tf-a_pl' into 'main'

fix another typo in tf-a pipeline

See merge request !145
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...@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ ln output/fvp/intermediates/morello.dtb morello.dtb ...@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ ln output/fvp/intermediates/morello.dtb morello.dtb
ln output/fvp/intermediates/tf-bl31.bin tf-bl31.bin ln output/fvp/intermediates/tf-bl31.bin tf-bl31.bin
# Create SHA256SUMS.txt file # Create SHA256SUMS.txt file
sha256sum morello.dtb tf-bl31.bin outpu/fvp/firmware/*.bin > SHA256SUMS.txt sha256sum morello.dtb tf-bl31.bin output/fvp/firmware/*.bin > SHA256SUMS.txt
echo "BUILD_JOB_ID=${CI_JOB_ID}" > ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/build.env echo "BUILD_JOB_ID=${CI_JOB_ID}" > ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/build.env
echo "LAVA_TEMPLATE_NAME=fvp-ubuntu.yaml" >> ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/build.env echo "LAVA_TEMPLATE_NAME=fvp-ubuntu.yaml" >> ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/build.env
cat ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/build.env cat ${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/build.env
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