1. 30 Sep, 2022 1 commit
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  6. 05 Sep, 2022 2 commits
    • Ruben's avatar
      PCC: limit bounds/permissions · 1860c16c
      Ruben authored
      Limit PCC bounds/permissions as specified
      by the Linux Pure-cap kernel-user ABI.
      Change-Id: I304e67a218cd29ce4e3585e2afdd6ea2b16c4cdd
    • Ruben's avatar
      [NFC] Clarify naming in libc_support.cpp · 84f0a4b6
      Ruben authored
      To reflect that these interfaces aren't only moving or transforming
      data but also adding some new required values e.g. AT_CHERI_EXEC_RX_CAP,
       - move_auxv to prepare_auxv
       - move_arguments_impl to prepare_arguments
       - __shim_move_arguments to __shim_prepare_environment
      Change-Id: I2dd6498c0118f2a3f5e32045123281135bd8fac4
  7. 02 Sep, 2022 4 commits
  8. 31 Aug, 2022 3 commits
    • Oliver Swede's avatar
      Change value of sealing capability · f013b4f8
      Oliver Swede authored and Ruben's avatar Ruben committed
      Change-Id: I308922114bcdc2102c24bd0ed023352772097c48
    • Ruben's avatar
      Allocate separate regions for argv/envp/auxv · a82c5e5e
      Ruben authored
      With the Pure-cap ABI these areas are no longer located on stack. Instead,
      they're allocated in separate memory regions pointed to by the values supplied
      to the executable in the argc/argv/envp/auxv quadruple.
      Also implement few early helpers for invoking system calls. libc
      functions can't be invoked from libc_support.cpp as libc isn't
      initialized yet and dynamic linkage hasn't happened. Instead,
      implementing this early execution stage helpers which can be invoked
      independently although don't provide full semantics of the main shim
      handlers for these system calls.
      Change-Id: I79ebc7c5bc7670bd992eac387446c7c6237424c1
    • Ruben's avatar
      Refactor __shim_move_arguments · 3813da4a
      Ruben authored
      Split the function into few steps and corresponding helpers:
       - find_arguments
       - move_argv_or_envp - invoked for both argv and envp
       - move_auxv
      Also extract common part (independent of __SANITIZE_CHERISEED__)
      of the two versions of the function into move_arguments_impl.
      Change-Id: Iadc577b3ef867a548703cf7d100ef4a3b1a36041
  9. 25 Aug, 2022 2 commits
    • Ruben's avatar
      Generate wrapper aliases instead of wrappers · 892dc4d7
      Ruben authored
      The system call wrappers have only been used by Bionic, and effectively
      should have been part of Bionic. Instead of generating Bionic wrappers
      in libshim, generate wrapper aliases which can be called from the system
      call sequences generated in Bionic when libshim is used.
      The wrapper aliases (unlike the earlier wrappers) have function
      prototypes as specified by LIBSHIM_FN_C. The cancellation points
      via the aliases are not supported, however Bionic doesn't require
      the support.
      Change-Id: Iaaa2c725d72ee8d7f4940c399c93041c757886b8
    • Ruben's avatar
      Don't update errno in libshim · 54092666
      Ruben authored
      libshim system call handlers return error to the caller like the kernel
      would, however not updating the errno - errno should be updated by the
      standard library when required.
      Change-Id: I5733ea3967c6806d549c27a5b5b398983214fdf0
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  12. 22 Jul, 2022 1 commit
    • Ruben's avatar
      Initialize pointers to argc/argv/envp/auxv · 60466534
      Ruben authored
      With the new Linux Pure-cap kernel-user ABI, C0-C3 should be:
       C0 = argc
       C1 = capability for argv
       C2 = capability for envp
       C3 = capability for auxv
      Unlike with the actual kernel, in libshim these values are supplied on
      stack and are supposed to be loaded to c0-c3 by the _start routine of
      the standard C library after the call to __shim_marshal_program_arguments.
      For CHERIseed, the _start or subsequent routines will be able to access
      these values from stack.
      Change-Id: I7cbae51d8fc48eb4680c9e596caf12e43a1c52b6
  13. 12 Jul, 2022 2 commits
    • Tamas Petz's avatar
      Switch to libc_support.cpp · 0fee05d3
      Tamas Petz authored and Tamas Petz's avatar Tamas Petz committed
      This change removes do_raw_args_marshalling.S in favour
      of a C++ implementation of the same. The expectation is
      that the higher level code is more easy to maintain on
      the long term.
      Downside is that temporary CSP and DDC are potentially
      spilled to the stack.
      The new call is __shim_marshal_program_arguments(),
      which is meant to be a drop-in replacement of
      do_raw_args_marshalling(). During a transitioning
      period both symbols are available.
      Change-Id: I11c10dff919bd6ef4d135b69d17103297c823518
    • Tamas Petz's avatar
      [Makefile] Synchronize build flags to Android · a313d281
      Tamas Petz authored and Tamas Petz's avatar Tamas Petz committed
      Ensure that Makefile path uses at least as strict
      flags as the Android build system use.
      This change also fixes two conversions marked by
      the new '-Wcheri-pedantic' flag.
      Change-Id: I578a31d3e4808b51a629dd2b32a45cb277d37882
  14. 29 Jun, 2022 1 commit
    • Tamas Petz's avatar
      Fix ImplArgTy type for Morello · 8a2b238d
      Tamas Petz authored
      There was a conversion function which turned
      uintptr_shim_t into uintptr_t as an integer
      value, invalidating the capability.
      Change-Id: I01fb129708c61d15d0994a9a571662379df85565
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    • Tamas Petz's avatar
      Switch to single JSON descriptor · bcce64e6
      Tamas Petz authored
      It is getting harder and harder to maintain several
      syscall descriptions. Use only one while maintaining
      the existing flexibility.
      The new, but backwards compatible descriptor format
      adds 'libc' and 'arch' fields. The former filters
      libc, the latter architectures. An empty list means
      no filtering.
      Note that only bionic, where wrappers are generated,
      uses 'aliases' and 'symbol' field.
      Change-Id: I3ab2d567377b7175a17ddd8bc91a70afd5eb011d
    • Tamas Petz's avatar
      [Makefile] Do not generate shims twice · 1d354214
      Tamas Petz authored and Tamas Petz's avatar Tamas Petz committed
      Multi-target rules are executed per target.
      Use target group (&:) to say that the rule is
      expected to create all the targets at once.
      The ordering rule was also behaving incorrectly
      in the new setup.
      Change-Id: I60dbdfee7a308d3af6f00bf40ac04e4ec63e471d
  19. 17 Jun, 2022 1 commit
    • Tamas Petz's avatar
      Support cancellation points · 421084cc
      Tamas Petz authored and Tamas Petz's avatar Tamas Petz committed
      The new configuration option LIBSHIM_CANCELLATION_POINTS
      enables or disables support for cancellation points.
      The new argument "cg" is an int*: if it is non-null and
      the pointed value is not zero the system call is cancelled.
      This is basically just some labels which can be used to
      check whether a PC is within a range. In addition, a test
      helper is also available: if __shim_pause_in_cp is implemented
      and it returns nonzero, the current system call will busy-wait
      forever. This can be used to test cancellation integration with
      libc: a thread can be stopped reliably within the cancellable
      Wrappers do not support cancellation points.
      Change-Id: I40bf2fcb3119fef7b60eda6c8079854eb7f442bd
  20. 16 Jun, 2022 1 commit
    • Tamas Petz's avatar
      Move shim_svc_impl.h to svc.cpp · c2ad046a
      Tamas Petz authored
      With cancellation support there will be more logic,
      and we will need to export some symbols. Header
      inclusion prevents developing cancellation points.
      Change-Id: I792aa88a0944f630b5d892ce187238f0ad003902
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