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    Support cancellation points · 421084cc
    Tamas Petz authored
    The new configuration option LIBSHIM_CANCELLATION_POINTS
    enables or disables support for cancellation points.
    The new argument "cg" is an int*: if it is non-null and
    the pointed value is not zero the system call is cancelled.
    This is basically just some labels which can be used to
    check whether a PC is within a range. In addition, a test
    helper is also available: if __shim_pause_in_cp is implemented
    and it returns nonzero, the current system call will busy-wait
    forever. This can be used to test cancellation integration with
    libc: a thread can be stopped reliably within the cancellable
    Wrappers do not support cancellation points.
    Change-Id: I40bf2fcb3119fef7b60eda6c8079854eb7f442bd