1. 19 Apr, 2022 4 commits
    • Ruben's avatar
      Backport "Add noOverrideExternalGlobalCflags support to Soong" · 90babb32
      Ruben authored
      Original commit message:
          Add noOverrideExternalGlobalCflags support to Soong
          noOverrideExternalGlobalCflags is a new set of flags intended to be
          added at the end of the command line for 3rd party projects like
          external/, hardware/, vendor/, and more. Our previous flags for external
          projects occur way too early on the command line, leading to issues with
          use for suppressing diagnostics. Note that support for this variable in
          build/make is currently unimplemented, as there are no projects that
          would depend on it. It could be added in the future, if it turns out to
          be useful.
          This change initially applies `-Wno-unused-but-set-variable` and
          `-Wno-unused-but-set-parameter` to external projects because these
          upstream projects aren't easily fixed, and the risk of actual bugs is
          Bug: http://b/197240255
          Test: Build and check warnings
          Change-Id: I26f56c5c52725dddb70dd8130ad61270eac7a9aa
      Author of the original commit: Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com>
      Change-Id: I7e9453bc9bed9303dbadc78a6de125c86065ba1e
    • Yi Kong's avatar
      Backport of "Switch to clang r433403" · 80a81628
      Yi Kong authored
      In the backport, the Wno-null-pointer-subtraction flag is added to
      ClangExtraExternalCflags instead of extraExternalCflags.
      Original commit message:
          Switch to clang r433403
          Bug: 197230471
          Test: presubmit
          Change-Id: I374a66deb785bae99953ea23c67f873f33c2081b
      Author of the original commit: Yi Kong <yikong@google.com>
      Change-Id: Ic83fb77c3e931a3e5eaf2e63c59f68616c4a3047
    • Christopher Di Bella's avatar
      reverses common and external Clang flags · 3bc645c4
      Christopher Di Bella authored
      Flags for external projects are specialisations of the common flags, and
      need to follow the common flags, not precede them.
      Bug: 181177782
      Test: None
      Change-Id: I19c8c2a3539573e9b2f2d9e3e1c898fa09570663
    • Yi Kong's avatar
      Remove unused-but-set-{variable,parameter} from ClangUnknownCflags · 55bd2e4b
      Yi Kong authored
      These warnings are now implemented by Clang.
      Change-Id: I78d04216da0ca3d1db616c7b658ca6075b20e7f6
      Test: presubmit
      Bug: 197230471
  2. 08 Mar, 2022 1 commit
    • Ruben's avatar
      Add -mcpu=rainier · 4efb112d
      Ruben authored
      Change-Id: I734e0fe57674d50974a122a4dd357d3b9006e3f9
  3. 05 Jan, 2022 1 commit
  4. 04 Jan, 2022 1 commit
  5. 11 Dec, 2021 1 commit
    • Yabin Cui's avatar
      Switch to clang-r407598 (12.0.1). · f4d4012d
      Yabin Cui authored
      Also suppress a clang-tidy warning and a ubsan check to pass compilation.
      Bug: 171348143
      Test: build.
      Change-Id: Ie5162c15df172cefd7cff9776e54531fd620bc23
  6. 11 Oct, 2021 2 commits
    • Ruben's avatar
      Disable CHERI perf warnings for Hybrid-cap build · 4fa05e22
      Ruben authored
      This is a temporary workaround until the toolchain is updated
      to not emit a memory access that subsequently triggers this warning.
      Change-Id: Ia5540b663e70749ea14f1fc86b2843932b44e5cd
    • Ruben's avatar
      Do not re-export compiler-rt symbols · ca9443e1
      Ruben authored
      This adds missing part of I04b11f5c047e7c557cba5e4095acbf7f3b0757d8
      which added reference to libcompiler_rt without adding
      the respective --exclude-libs option in the list.
      Change-Id: I02fa69c30065732d0fd89699452606a8127c1570
  7. 29 Sep, 2021 2 commits
    • Ruben's avatar
      Allow bpf to include libarchcap headers · 8954f0d6
      Ruben authored
      This is needed because inttypes.h depends on archcap-defs.h header.
      Change-Id: I5b12a3c2d034039bec1c661ca56c8c24ae0d8200
    • Ruben's avatar
      Implement HasJava Arch flag · 0742dfaf
      Ruben authored
      The flag is designating whether ART/Java is supported
      for given architecture.
      Change-Id: I8b2274f4b3aa48e8457f400552360589d6af5a2a
  8. 13 Sep, 2021 15 commits
  9. 28 Jun, 2021 13 commits
    • Tudor Cretu's avatar
      Disable updatable SDKs for architectures with NoNDK. · b254d19f
      Tudor Cretu authored
      Change-Id: I5cb3be78a36e32a202b36f8fc77f36e40e27e19a
    • Tudor Cretu's avatar
      Disable checkNativeSdkVersion for architectures with NoNDK · 297665ce
      Tudor Cretu authored
      For architectures with NoNDK, objects don't have a NativeSdkVersion
      associated. Therefore, the check is redundant and would fail.
      Change-Id: Ia4d27f93208e6ae33ce663280ecbba6e4bdf90b2
    • Tudor Cretu's avatar
      Disable sdkMutator for architectures with NoNDK · dc09809f
      Tudor Cretu authored
      sdkMutator attempts to create an sdk variant of objects for each sdk
      version. For architectures with NoNDK, objects don't have an sdk
      version associated, so the sdkMutator will fail.
      Change-Id: I2e1c351cf374ef443e96f68dcb8aabb34f6d30af
    • Tudor Cretu's avatar
      Remove "ndk" from potential prebuilts warning · 508dc07c
      Tudor Cretu authored
      All the prebuilt modules contain "prebuilt" in the module type name.
      There are modules that contain "ndk" and are not prebuilt.
      Change-Id: I71d167b0765b808bc8a6978498a59bfdcc9427f7
    • Ruben's avatar
      Rename -Wmips-cheri-prototypes* · 4f86fdb3
      Ruben authored
      The -Wmips-cheri-prototypes* were renamed to -Wcheri-prototypes*
      in the toolchain. Update the warning names in the build system.
      Android R updates:
      Use flags.Local.CFlags instead of flags.CFlags.
      Change-Id: Idab82d40ae8372a3e8e5a90721d3236fcdfe47a6
    • Ruben's avatar
      Use llvm-objcopy unless use-gnu-strip is requested · cf5cf1ba
      Ruben authored
      Android R updates:
      Option -w is used for one objcopy.
      USED_STRIP_OBJCOPY is not used anymore.
      Co-authored-by: Ruben's avatarRuben Ayrapetyan <ruben.ayrapetyan@arm.com>
      Co-authored-by: Tudor Cretu's avatarTudor Cretu      <tudor.cretu@arm.com>
      Change-Id: I371f8a4516bd883edfedaf731d85eaf34e48927e
    • Tudor Cretu's avatar
      Change LibC64 to Libc64 in apex · dbec2b62
      Tudor Cretu authored
      Android R updates:
      Change applied to `a.properties.Multilib.LibC64.Tests' as well.
      Change-Id: I3f7f797faab8f2a89b1fea45a4a045831fa3ae22
    • Kevin Brodsky's avatar
      morello: use asm-arm64 instead of asm-morello · 750b272d
      Kevin Brodsky authored
      There is no plan to create a new "morello" architecture in the
      kernel, so switch to asm-arm64 for the morello arch.
      Change-Id: I8d3eae4a90bdc21b6bda126005a25c8bebab81a6
    • Tudor Cretu's avatar
      Morello: Disable versioner for Morello · ff43de59
      Tudor Cretu authored
      This change disables the versioner for Morello. This is supposed to
      be a temporary solution. The best solution would be to rebuild the
      versioner from the Morello LLVM. One of the current issues is that
      ptraddr_t is undefined in the versioner and is needed by new libc
      headers included as part of the Morello project.
      The versioner modifies the libc headers by looking for defintions
      marked with the '__INTRODUCED_IN(XX)' attribute and adding
      '#if __ANDROID_API__ >= XX' and '#endif /* __ANDROID_API__ >= XX */'
      before and after respectively. Then, it copies the headers to the out
      directory. The substitute command only copies the libc headers from
      the source directory to the out directory.
      Test: morello_fvp_nano profile builds succesfully
      Change-Id: I4f20d8ab80d43e03c9397dfdcd262f859d164916
    • Tamás Kaman's avatar
      Backport of "Switch to clang-r399163." · ac6d1e26
      Tamás Kaman authored
      Changes related to the "-Wno-psabi" were skipped as this flag is not
      supported in the current compiler version.
      Original commit message:
      "Switch to clang-r399163.
      Bug: http://b/155835175
      Bug: http://b/151457797
      Bug: http://b/165945989
      Test: m with aosp_blueline"
      Original Change-Id: Id2c2932ccbc34fcbb19cd0b4da0d66ea92cc099a
      Signed-off-by: Tamás Kaman's avatarTamas Kaman <tamas.kaman@arm.com>
      Change-Id: If4256da2c8b6b5982bacd2845f1d53de5bfd5275
    • Tamás Kaman's avatar
      Disable -Werror for 'frame-error' compiler warning · 76bf29a8
      Tamás Kaman authored
      Switch off the new -Werror check for a newly introduced compiler
      This is needed because base for the Morello toolchain is newer
      than the default toolchain used for building Android Q, so it
      implements more source code checks.
      Android R update:
      The Morello toolchain is newer than the default toolchain used for
      Android R as well.
      Change-Id: Ib85cbdc9574b0fa04670477c9972b70536a6e2e4
    • Ruben's avatar
      Switch to C64 and Purecap ABI for morello · 6ed9c220
      Ruben authored
      1. Add compiler flags enabling C64 build: -march=morello+c64, mabi=purecap.
      2. Enable -Werror for some of the CHERI warnings
       - intcap-arithmetic
       - capability-misuse
      3. Disable -Wstack-protector-purecap-ignored since fstack-protector
         is expected to be implicitly disabled for Purecap build.
      Change-Id: I45aeb10ea313a66e4586e820d76d00dbb66cfd90
    • Ruben's avatar
      Implement HasStableABI Arch flag · 30bdbfa3
      Ruben authored
      The flag is designating whether given architecture has a stable ABI.
      In context of the Morello project, both "arm64" and "morello" are
      providing the Hybrid and Purecap ABI, respectively.
      Both Hybrid and Purecap ABIs are not stable and are meant to be evolving
      as part of the Morello project therefore both marked as not stable.
      Android R updates:
      newArchExtended has 6 parameters instead of 7.
      Co-authored-by: Ruben's avatarRuben Ayrapetyan <ruben.ayrapetyan@arm.com>
      Co-authored-by: Tudor Cretu's avatarTudor Cretu      <tudor.cretu@arm.com>
      Change-Id: Ia4d336772e4d705c72529d4bf02cfae7add1d332