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compartment-demo: clarify note on side-channel attacks

Although a future architecture may be hardened against side-channel
attacks, Morello is not.

Change-Id: I52cea59c219def1069be7c9da46a33baa6aa2acb
parent b2b70c4a
......@@ -375,7 +375,9 @@ Security-related limitations
compartment, thereby informing the kernel in an unforgeable manner.
* SPECTRE-like (side-channel) attacks between compartments are not prevented.
Using ``CID_EL0`` as described above would help mitigate against such attacks.
Morello does not include mitigations against such attacks. A future
architecture may include mitigations that rely on using ``CID_EL0`` as
described above to identify compartment contexts.
* Executable capabilities provided by the CM to compartments can be modified,
and in particular their address can be changed, allowing compartments to jump
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